Wedding Portrait
15 x 18 pencil & charcoal
Pencil Drawing
Close up of groom
Fine Art Portrait
Close up of bride – pencil & charcoal
Royal Guard
Pencil drawing
Oil painting
Pencil Drawing
Seres the Syntaxian

Space Force

Old Saint Nikolas

“This is a gift!”

My first black eye
Pencil portrait
Tendrils and deer

Pencil drawing for a carved ornament

Pencil drawing for ornamental carving

Bear cub drawing

Pencil drawing for ornamental carving

Smile Helmet

Graphic Design Theme

Oil Painting

Lil friends – for Mom

Sci-Fi Nickel’s Fortune

Nickel's Fortune: by Stephen Wallace

Hand signed copy of the science fiction love story by Stephen Wallace. This book is 244 pages, 48,770 words

eBook available at Amazon, Google play, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Smashwords. Nickel's Fortune can also be found on Kobo, Oyster and Scribd.

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Making Dreams Reality


Serving from Colorado to Montana, Stephen Wallace is positioned to service the design needs of residential, commercial and corporate clients nationwide. While offering a wide variety of luxe furnishings in styles from classical to rustic, much of the featured work has a mountain lodge design, being commissioned from ski resort areas such as Telluride, Vail and Aspen. Now serving Big Sky, Bozeman and the rest of beautiful Montana.

A professional in the interior design industry for years, Stephen has used his artistic gift, innovation and knowledge of different styles and masters to create pieces of taste and refinement and looks forward to collaborating with you!

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